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夢想起飛 擁抱世界.融入台灣 邁向未來

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The Mission of "Yushan Home" is to enable overseas Chinese students and overseas Chinese to have a closely connected home, to establish a deep emotional bond between each other, cultivate their sense of security and confidence, as well as to enable them to be more mature and stable towards success, so that they can contribute what they have learned from Taiwan and help more people when they back to home country.

Dream  --- Start from who we are, and based on the roots of Chinese culture and our dreams.

Think  --- To Study in Taiwan where the Chinese culture is inherited and glorified, with one's own ideals in mind.

Rise  --- Reserve the ability to strengthen ourselves so as to show strength at any time.

Fly  --- Improve professional ability, whether staying in Taiwan or returning to home residence can contribute to what we have learned, and promote economic, trade and cultural exchanges with Taiwan.

Embrace the world  --- With a global vision and the belief of sustainable development, we welcome a diverse international society.

Integrate into Taiwan  --- Understand the beauty of Taiwan, learn high-quality traditional culture, adapt to local life flawlessly and quickly, and set root inTaiwan.

Towards the future  --- The beacon guidance of successful people, the experience sharing of our excellent seniors  in both character and study, and the interaction of group discussions led by counselors will enhance our learning effectiveness and preparation for the future.

Our Actions

Overseas students who have left their hometowns and come to a strange Taiwan for the first time are faced with many problems in life, schoolwork, and environmental adaptation. In order to help them integrate into the local life as soon as possible, open their minds, change their ideas, grow their characters, build their dreams, and study smoothly, specially arranged suitable lectures  and activities to reserve the ability to move into the future, and to embrace a diverse international society with a global vision, innovative spirit and the belief of sustainable development.





Curriculum Planning: Diversified courses, through lectures, group learning, activity design, guidance by counselors, and interactive communication among team members, allow students to develop expressive expressions, communication and coordination skills in a relaxed and interesting process, and build friendship, cohesion, and creativity. The successful experience of mutual help and win-win results will enable them to face the future with confidence.

Yushan Home will serve as a home for overseas Chinese who come to Taiwan for the first time and do not have a place to stay, and will be a place for overseas Chinese from different cities to socialize and getting to know more about each other.

We uphold long-term care and counseling to help overseas Chinese to live, study, and grow happier and more successful in Taiwan; help them understand Taiwan's historical, social and cultural development. Let them be honored for returning to their homeland, and enable them to be more positive and become a person with dreams, good expression, social skills, love and warmth.



Self-cultivating; Family-regulating; State-ordering; The land great governed —— Confucius

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